2004/ 02-11

“who is likened to the Lord our God?  who dwelleth on high, who dwelleth on high…”

3 more days!


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2 responses to “2004/ 02-11

  • xSxHxExLxLxYx

    hehe. i love the comment you left on roger’s site. he’s a silly boy. she’s not his girlfriend. but he likes her. and i’m guessing she still likes him. who knows. but he wants to get her something. who knows what. heh he’s so cute. so what are you doing on saturday?

  • OnMyKnEeSb4hiM

    oooh, no real specifics… he’s picking me up… dinner (nice dinner… something more than mcd’s or pizza ) and then after that he has to lead guys’ worship at his house so i’ll be chillin’ around his house while he’s out above the garage w/ the boys for like an hour and a half… but i really don’t mind, to be honest.  it’s a commitment he’s made.  and then after that we’ll watch a movie and then he’ll drive me home… so it might be a late night, but it’ll be lots of fun!

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