2004/ 02-12

I have stolen, Lord, let me give
I have left Your house a fugitive
I have wandered my own way
Squandered everything You gave
But my dying heart You saved and let me lived

I have cursed the air and clenched my fists
I have hungered for Your righteousness
I have tried to walk the line
I drew between Your heart and mine
But You forgive me everytime the mark is missed

So take my broken offering and make it whole
And set my feet upon the road that leads me home
Let me walk as one fixed upon the goal
Even though I’ve got a thousand miles to go

I have sought Your grace in my defense
I have plundered Your magnificence
Until my journey is complete
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
That I might sow what I have reaped
From Your great love

As I struggle for Your hand
You use me in ways I can’t understand
You take this sinful man and renew me
Working through me


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2 responses to “2004/ 02-12

  • Anonymous

    sounds like a plan…i actually might end up goin to this ice hockey game and then comin over, but thats not till 8:30 so i would still hang out with everybody before and then come over after the game…possibly haven’t decided yet. and if any of the girls wanna come to the game, then thats cool too, its township and LS, and i know em wanted to go

  • Anonymous

    that’s really cool :)

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