2004/ 02-28

“so if he were only 300 pounds lighter, and asian… it would look JUST like him!”  wow… becca cracks me up when she’s running on four hours of sleep.  i need nights like that more often.  “ok, so imagine this place without all the people, or the restaurants, and if there were bars… it’d be just like the titanic!”  ok, becca… haha.  shopping last night w/ the girls at king of prussia was amazing… found some GORGEOUS dresses, but alas… no money to buy those gorgeous dresses.  and i still have NO IDEA what my dream dress looks like!  um… 3 months to keep looking, i guess.  but in the meantime… the tanning process shall begin.    (hopefully sooner than later)

wow… it’s absolutely GORGEOUS outside!  it makes me want to have a picnic…  and wear flip-flops.  and run around in the sunshine… i love the sunshine!  wow.

Jesus, You’re so gorgeous, and You REALLY make me smile!!!


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