2004/ 03-01

i love this weather… it makes me want ice cream.

singing with the windows down : i’m driving down the street : and i hope that i’m the only one : who doesn’t have a/c : ’cause my voice is often cracking : and even sometimes laughing : as i lift my voice to Jesus : and fight the friday traffic : i sing, “amazing love, how can it be?” : my voice flows out the window : into the summer heat : like the heat my voice is rising : breaking through the pink horizon : winking at the sun and flying home : and i don’t mind the weather : ’cause my seats aren’t made of leather : if my car would keep on going : i could sing this song forever : Lord, lead this vehicle : Lord, lead this vehicle : i can’t drive forever : the song is almost over : the sun is setting : the needle approaches empty : despite the heat : my feel are getting cold : from where they’ve been : and where they’ll go : they’ll go : something tells me : that they should be poised : and ready to : kick the window : i heard you : and i found myself : in a field one day : i’ll stop the car : in rainwater : i’ll go by foot from here

:: 10 or 40 ::
:: cool hand luke ::

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