2004/ 03-06

hang time last night was cool… lots of people there.  WOW… played guitar w/ ryan, once again.  he was proud of my improvement.  i just love having other people to play with.  makes me sound better.  lol.  no, but seriously!  i like hearing what someone else is doing… it pushes me to improve.  so yes, hang time was cool.  had some good quality talking time, as well.  then got to take lauren and mel home… well, it only made sense since i only ALWAYS go past their house!

well… i’m quite glad it’s the weekend, although i would’ve enjoyed sunshine over rain.  and as much as i don’t like that sunday means school the next day… i really want sunday to come!  i’m so excited to go to church… crazy, i know, but i am!  i have the “privelege” of preparing for worship, and it’s taking a lot of prayer and communication with God to come up with the songs that will best glorify Him tomorrow, as well as best lead others to glorifying Him and seeing Him clearly!  i hope that tomorrow is a beautiful day, although it already feels like it will be, despite the weather.  oh!  and i’m excited to hear God speak through Phil Jackson some more.  my eyes and heart have been really opened since last sunday… listening to Him speak, with such a passion for God.  it’s so cool.  i love Jesus, He makes me smile!

speaking of making me smile… big “babysitting” party at the Canada’s today.  rumor has it that there’s gonna be some tye-dying?  hmm…   so i think i shall make my way over there this afternoon.  it’ll be a crazy good time, i’m sure.

so, i was decided to check my email, but it was worthless.  once again, an empty inbox.  that’s really no fun, you know?  i’m feeling a lack of love… kind of resembles my site here… no comments (*hint*hint*) 

music’s blarin’… have a good weekend.


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