2004 / 03-07

so today was cool… i felt very unworthy for God this morning… but it all is ok, b/c it helped me to realize that I need God for EVERYTHING!  very humbling. 

wow… Jamie Kerr is my new hero!!!  razor burn from a dry shave… AND stickin’ it out playin’ tennis w/ the boys.  so steve & steve cracked me up!  wow… their outfits were so funny they should’ve been illegal.  but today was a gorgeous day… had some good conversations…

still have weird dye on my hands… looks kinda freaky.  especially where my fingers are all hard & the skin is all weird from playing guitar… looks nasty… it’s so cool!  haha.  school tomorrow… i have to film afterschool… not really in the mood, but at the same time it’s going to be quite interesting.  so we’ll see what happens.

i want more sunshine…


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One response to “2004 / 03-07

  • simplyMLE

    yes you def did get me hooked on Moulin Rouge.  i prob listen to it ALL the time.  i def am feeling you on the whole unworthy thing.  but how awesome is it to realize that truth & to have God work through your weaknesses.  ahhh it just blows me away!

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