2004/ 03-27

i’m chillin’ here in fairfax va… beth is napping, i don’t know why.  going out again tonight… having much fun.  have to say i wouldn’t object to living in a city area like this for a year or so… good shopping available! : )  speaking of shopping…   ok, i’m going to wait a little before jumping on beth again.  oh, and the weather is amazing down here… makes me sick for summer… lol, ok, i meant that as “homesick for summer,” but you can’t be homesick for summer ‘cuz summer’s not a home… ??  lol, ok, i kinda wish i could stay down here for longer than just the weekend.  makes me excited for going to college… living out of the house!  woohoo…  i’ll write later about the weekend once i get home.


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2 responses to “2004/ 03-27

  • Anonymous

    hey jen. nice site. who’s song is this? i really like it.

  • Anonymous

    i miss fairfax it was soooo nice there and its nice out here too i guess but i feel like its about 20 degrees colder outside….must plan another random road trip sometime, and now i REALLY can’t wait for the beach
    “toy boy?!?” “LOOK! its a really big rock!! oh…hay…”

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