2004/ 03-29

amazing weekend.  “i smell like a man…”  “um, katie, are you sure that’s not softsoap for men?”  hahaha!  good memories.  “look, a big rock!  hay… that’s not a rock!” 

this day started off w/ me waking up late… and isn’t so great through the rest of the day.  stupid helping parents w/ taxes.  ok, it’s not that bad, except i didn’t get to go to the park when i wanted.  which really i maybe could’ve… ok, but i’m not going to complain about that.  other than that, today really was gorgeous outside… too bad i didn’t get to enjoy it more.

one of the terrible kind of headaches right now… not fun at all.  it’s worked its way down to the shoulders and now i’m all achey.  yuck yuck yuck.  i cleaned my room last night… and i’m in the candle-lighting mood again… there’s a gorgeous cinnamon smell in my room at the moment.  makes me want to go lay down and fall asleep.  (oh goodness, i miss it…)

just 3 more days until columbia… i just want it to be tomorrow.  i want to get away again.  i like getting away from what i’m used to.  and this year will be quite the experience!


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