2004/ 04-01

woohoo… i’m off to south carolina where the weather is going to be sunny and in the 70’s.  it shall be a most wonderful weekend… lol, i can’t even imagine how hilarious the van rides down are going to be!  i was laying on my floor last night thinking about columbia, and had to call jamie asap, ‘cuz there was no way i was letting her go to columbia without her cowboy hat!  goodness gracious.  lol… so maybe this year jamie and i can keep greg from seeing the devil in the middle of the road while he’s driving.  hahaha!  we are going to have one crazy weekend… lol, wow, i wonder how much sleep becca has gotten.  haha, wow…  so last night was crazy, stressful, and amazing at the same time.  keturah really cheered me up with her exciting news!  and kristi and becca made me laugh SO hard!  wow.  not a conversation that should’ve been held inside the church walls. (“i haven’t been in his lap, yet!”)  heehee.

oh goodness, anyway… COLUMBIA!!!!  wooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!


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