2004/ 04-05

wow… this weekend was absolutely amazing.  jamie and i got stuck in a van w/ all boys (plus the kids until we dropped them off, but they just watched movies the whole time).  the van rides were quite interesting, none the least… quite the interesting conversations w/ those guys!  and jamie and i definitely were in control of that van!  haha.  just like old times.  (“The Great White Booger, featuring Mickey Mouse Disco!“)  we got there and it was FREEZING… ok, not freezing, but not exciting weather.  until the second day, then it was gorgeous.  my family group was so much fun this year!  wow.  as was jamie’s… they were cool.  you know, overall the entire weekend was probably my favorite out of the years.  the sessions were good, although i’ve heard one of them before… David Olshine and Karen Grant and Hule Goddard… all great speakers.  worship was disappointing.  the members seemed like cool people… but i think they were too much of a band, too little of a worship team.  OH!  met Grace Marie!!!!!  (mark’s new friend).  she’s adorable… rich southern accent… ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made from peoples’ feet… we knew when she ate that sandwich that her and mark could be good friends.  OH!  also got to see Greg and Virginia… that was great.  and Shannon and Jen.  and… DUH!  how could i forget?!  the highlight of my weekend… JON HAYDEN!  had to be the best part of the weekend… ok, well, one of the major highlights anyway.  definitely lifted me off my feet when i attacked him.  he cut his hair.  looks much better… it felt good to talk to him again.  saw Joy as well… she’s so much fun.  haha… speaking of fun… during the games on Saturday, Kevin fully attacked me with water… and then we were talking about spitting… so I ended up spitting on him when he wasn’t expecting it… he ran after me… grabbed me by the arms (it was all very humorous) and then a big security guard on a power trip decided to yell at Kevin… haha!  i couldn’t stop laughing!  so Kevin hasn’t gotten me back (yet) and hopefully he won’t have the chance to.  you know, come to think of it… i would have the say the best part of my weekend was actually hanging out with Jamie.  we ruled everything, and we had the best year ever at Columbia… the stairwell brought back some good memories *wink* (“check it!”)  lol.  Jamie got another hat to add to her collection of columbia memorabilia.  oh, the shirts this year were awesome… i like them better than last year’s. 

favorite part… hmm, maybe the whole concept of commitments and vows… that was something i really needed to hear… and then my family group got together with a couple other groups and split into guys/girls and we heard some of the girl moms’ testimonies which was amazing b/c of the struggles that some of them had, and how it TOTALLY related to what i am going through… and how that incorporated my commitments at the same time.  God got really creative in speaking to me this year!

anyway, the weekend was great.  very stiff and sore from running around, sleeping on a hard floor, and being crammed into a van for many hours.  but school’s almost over today, and then there’s just tomorrow and the vacation begins early… i love it.  sleep in wednesday, take a three hour test (which actually i wouldn’t have to worry about it at all, it’s a very laid back atmosphere, and i’m not even going in to school for it) and then no school the rest of the week.

oh hey… who thought it was funny to snow when we got back last night?!  definitely not cool… i was still in capri sweatpants and flip-flops.  (the pants are the most comfortable thing in the world, by the way!)  

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2 responses to “2004/ 04-05

  • Shiki_Nea

    hey jen….i just wanted to stop by your site and say…

    WE NEED TO GET TOGETHER!! its a necessity!! lol…dont forget about your little people when you become famous…lol!!

  • Anonymous

    sounds like you had a fun time jen!!!  yea that snow wasnt too much fun but oh well….creates memories.  catch up on that sleep!

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