2004/ 04-06c

i wish i could drive away to the sunset
back to the day that we first met
only believe the things i wrote
i’ll put it in a note, yeah
i’ll cross my t’s and dot my i’s
better say hello, don’t you dare say goodbye
i’ll write sincerely yours and sign my name
P.S. i love you, forever and today


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2 responses to “2004/ 04-06c

  • Anonymous

    have fun after that beastly test today? we went to the sugar bowl and i ate more stromboli and cheese fries than should be humanly possible…i’m still full..speaking of which, i kinda need to go to the bathroom, HAA i shall see you this evening to discuss tomorrow, and you know, just to hang out and whatnot. OH i forgot, last night we went out to dinner at this really cool like japanese place where they cook all the food right in front of you at your own little table, anyway, we should go sometime with the girls cause it’d just be fun, BUT after that we went to friendly’s and it made me think of those days where we’d go to friendly’s after wednesday nights and have a few laughs, ahh good times

  • msunshine623

    hey jen
    i didnt really c nething else that i’d like, sorry!  so i’ll just take the refund if thats cool.  thanks!

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