2004/ 04-13

i wish today was not so rainy… now i want to light a candle and take a nap…

:edit:  i took a bubble bath instead.  that was nice.

look…!     < [ [___Crayola___]_]    do you see it?! it’s a crayon!

:edit:  meet mark… if you see anything you like, please let me know… and i can take care of you!

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4 responses to “2004/ 04-13

  • nelli_marie

    i don’t see you taking a nap there sister..haha.

  • Shiki_Nea

    wow i love your crayon!! thats soo cool!!
    and is the berry clear remix stuff good….? i never was too fond of purple things…they always reminded me of the grape dimatap stuff…which always made me throw up!!  lol…
    talk to ya later jen…! -niki =)

  • Anonymous

    that would be counting crows, on my site…yeah…the term paper-well lets just say its done, i was up till 2:30, which is probably a sin, so i came home and slept afterschool today…hopefully everything works out with ‘you know what’
    bubble baths are spectacular, i’m gonna have to work one of those into my schedule sometime this week

  • nelli_marie

    jen the reason we get comments is becasue we leave lots of comments on other peoples sites.  and seeing how many comments you can get for one word is funny. HAR HAR i love you!

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