2004/ 04-14

changing the layout once again… tell me what you think.

after having studied psalm 15 (below) this week, it made it somewhat difficult to worship on wednesday night (in a good way!)…. just made me think more about the words.  i had a hard time singing, “worshipping”, knowing that i was not someone who was blameless.  i guess it’s good to think though that Jesus came in order to wipe it all clean.  i am blameless in Christ.  still… it’s hard to “sing” about His amazing love and what He did on the cross, when I know that I didn’t NEAR deserve it… and i still don’t deserve it.  learning to become blameless before the Lord in order to worship fully is going to be a tough walk for me…

“teach me Your way, O Lord, and I will walk in Your truth…”  ~psalm 83


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5 responses to “2004/ 04-14

  • Anonymous

    i like the background

  • xSxHxExLxLxYx

    yes ma’am. i survived. AND i got the dress :) i tried it on twice yesterday. and today i have to again. cause kyle [neigbor boy] wants to see it. since i showed him the pics. ha he’s a funny boy. love you jen .shel.

  • bigdee417

    i know exactly what you mean about worship, like ill be singing a song and just have to stop because i realize that sometimes by singing those words i am just lying in a way..because a lot of worship songs have HUGE promises from us to God in them as we are singing them…and i cant sing them unless i feel certain that i am being honest when i promise these thigns to God and not just going through the motions of the song and singing because thats what i am supposed to do…we really need to think of those words that we are singing and truly truly mean them.

  • Anonymous

    Toronto was great! I can tell you more about it at school sometime.  About tanning I did go and sign up for sessions and I am going in tomorrow (Sat) at 1:00 and on Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00, it is really nice in there the lady showed me around… I’m excited! I’ll talk to you at school on monday. have a good weekend!!

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