2004/ 04-20

wonderful wonderful weekend!

fri ::  late meeting for Philly/NYGO, small turnout for NYGO it seemed, but i had an awesome time w/ the jr. highers at our philly meeting.  i’m so excited for that trip

sat ::  early morning, picked up the girls (Sophie & Eden) and they cried for about two minutes, then we looked for cows they are adorable.  i had the privelege of taking care of them during the day… and really, it was a pleasure.  jamie came over to help… it was wonderful.  lol, we weeded.  and planted seeds.  but more than likely nothing will come up.  we’re not too green in the thumbs.  evening… showered, ate, then went to kristi’s to chill w/ the other senior girls.  THE most interesting conversations arise at those sleep overs.  oh!  and strawberries and chocolate.  nothing can get much better!

sun ::  early morning once again.  ahna and i were getting ready for church (we had to practice for worship) and the fire alarm starts going off upstairs for no reason… and shelly just nonchalantly walks out of the one room, reaches up and knocks the battery out, then goes back to bed.  lol…  it really was quite humorous.  anyway, wonderful time of worship, and great messages from God!  no really… He did speak to me, it was great.  i had wonderful conversations w/ so many different people which is always a blessing.  then ministry central… another small turnout, but productive.  learned the basic buttons on the sound board.  so i get home, check my email, open a window, lay down on the couch… and fall asleep.  wonderful nap.  then off to the barbeque w/ my momma… it was nice. 

mon ::  ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!  ate lunch outside.  got home, prepped, and laid outside for about an hour or so.  burnt.  showered.  got my pretty little self ready for the baseball game.  it was perfect weather for a baseball game.  (but twp. is stupid and kept hitting out of the field and we for some reason weren’t doing the same… grr…)  anyway, it was still fun to chill at the game.  pretty much EVERYONE showed up to the game.  then i got ice cream.  mmm… chocolate chip cookie dough.  ben & jerry’s (beth!!!)  mmm… i do love my ice cream.  it was still so warm out, that i think it melted in my car before i got home.  haha, silly ice cream.

today ::  well… today is today and it’s not over yet.  tanning?  i think so.  i shall start today, i think.  lovely.  more sunshine.  never can get enough.  oooh… i want to go to the beach!  we were talking about tanning & swimsuits at lunch today…. makes me really want to go to the beach… it’s going to be the best EVER, i can feel it!

shoutout to beth hall… i’m pretty sure *toy-boy* will go w/ to prom!    lol.  “look, a really big rock!”  “katie: guys, i smell like a man…!”  “beth: i love tunnels…  jen:  beth, that’s a bridge.”  lol… good times.  he’ll show up… i believe.


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  • Anonymous

    yes i remember..did i take that one?? i think i did but im not sure…and that was a fun day i wish i could go this year

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