2004/ 04-21

how lovely.

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4 responses to “2004/ 04-21

  • Anonymous

    hellooooooooooooooooo so i just got back a little while ago from NY, it was wicked fun but i’m exhausted. my legs acheth…so i told my mom about the whole stag idea and she was like ‘wait, is that just gonna make you depressed?” i was like MA! not helping…but yeah its like this totally cool with going stag mindset just jumped into my head…so now i have to get a dress….asap haha
    BEACH-can’t wait…we were shopping today and i kept seeing bathing suits and i almost started drooling just cause thats how excited i am…

  • Anonymous

    i think i’m going to kop monday afterschool for shopping and dinner if you’re interested…

  • Anonymous

    so after i got home, i looked at my foot and i had this big red mark and a bruise on it from where i fell…yeah…ridiculous. HEY if you wanna come tonight with me and flanders and whoever, call the cell

  • TheBestPageInTheUniverse

    I have to say i’m disappointed jen…..one day you write a book, the next it’s only 2 words.  C’mon now.  Just kidding…..how was follies? i’m sure i’ll hear all about it this week.

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