2004/ 04-27a

tomorrow is a better day
tomorrow you will see the way
when God is by your side to stay
just keep on movin’ don’t you dare give up

there are times in our lives, when we all feel inside
something’s wrong, there’s gotta be something better for me
so we try on our own to change our paths
but we don’t even realize that joy comes after the rain
life begins again
there are times, times we can be swayed so easily
doubt can come in my mind and i’m ready to give up this time
but i gotta keep goin’ on, gotta keep on movin’
gotta keep pressin’ it through
’cause i know my God is able, oh he’s more than able
it’s no thing to take care of you, i say
He knows of everything you’re going through
has enough love to take care of you
you know exactly what you need to do
so just keep on movin’

:: tomorrow ::
:: out of eden ::


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One response to “2004/ 04-27a

  • Anonymous

    so i’m at home- went to school for first period, which happened to be gym , and then realized i’m probably dying so i came home…yeah i’m sneezing and coughin like theres no tomorrow. ANYWAY- i got a dress last night, we’re still gonna look at PC cause i don’t know…its really cute but its not like AMAZING..so we’ll see…ok i’m gonna go sleep now…

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