2004/ 05-03

last week sure was a weird one.  what a way to step out of the month.  but the weekend was a good one.  thank you Jesus for amazing friends!  i loved spending time w/ jamie this weekend… getting ready for prom, acting like girls, taking pictures… lol, oh and showing up while the boys were bowling.  had to say that was just plain fun.  even though i was in the middle of somewhat nowhere w/ the gage on E.  argh.  hate when i do that.

:: it’s weird to know that something major is going on around you, but you’re not allowed access to the key to open the door… yet… ::

sometimes it’s hard to share.  i’m trying.  really i am.

first week of may.  19 days left.  amazing.  wow.  so i’ve got a report and a “paper” due this week… why are teachers still giving us work?  don’t they know better.  i’m sure they have to know that everything we turn in at this point is a whole bunch of bs work… lol.  no, i’ll make sure it’s good work.    scholarship interview went well… school just needs to end right now.  summer, summer, summer…  all i can think about is prom, graduating, and summer.  i’ve only got 3 1/2 months until college… that’s really scary!


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