2004/ 05-26

I’ve been reading through the book Faith on the Edge: Daring To Follow Jesus, and came across questions that really reflect my heart:
          ~ How then do we experience the presence of Jesus?
          ~ How do we actually connect with him and grow in a relationship with him?

*Luke 24*

Prayer.  “Basically, in prayer God invites us to freely speak our minds and hearts to him.”  He already knows them, but He wants to hear it from us — our own words.  He listens.  Prayer is… *more than saying the right words!  *honest, openhearted communication within a relationship of intimacy
:: Romans 8:26-27 ::

Bible.  This is how we encounter God.  Foundationally, He has spoken through “the apostles and prophets,” the written Scriptures.  *God-breathed!* *points to Jesus!* *useful!*  (lifelong study of the Word of God will move us ever deeper into relationship with God himself)
:: 2 Peter 1:20-21 :: John 17:8 :: 2 Timothy 3:14-17 ::

> …our response to Jesus — our eagerness to be with Him longer, to learn more from Him — makes a difference.

Fellowship.  Especially in the setting of communion — the breaking of the bread & the drinking of the wine.  This also applies to a church community.
:: Ephesians 4:3-6 ::

Worship.  Jesus blesses those who worship Him, and in a distinctive way, we’re able to “encounter Jesus when we gather for joyful worship.”
:: John 4:23-24 ::

> “If Bible study is reading Scripture with an open mind, Bible meditation is reading it with an open heart.”

> “Where two or three gather in His name — to pray, to consider His Word, to break bread, to worship — He is always present.”

Lord, please open my eyes to see You…

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