2004/ 06-05

wow… it’s all over.  i’ll miss a small part of it.  graduation was amazing… no rain.  wonderful people.  couldn’t stop smiling.

look at my baby!!!!   (and imagine it w/ a spoiler.)
2004 NEON

look what it can do!

my baby is awesome… wow.

come to my house today…. for a par-tay!  4:30 to whenever, my dad’s the man…. so come hungry.  if you need me, call the cell (201-6633) or for directions.  PLEASE COME!  you can see my baby!…


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9 responses to “2004/ 06-05

  • Anonymous

    we’re sooooooooo old…i’m definitely gonna try to come tonight, i’m going to nate’s party, but thats gonna be over earlier and then i’ll roll on over to ephrata…i’ll give you a call when i’m comin

  • Anonymous

    i’ve decided our next crazy girls sleepover…we’re making chocolate fondue (i don’t know how to spell…but that might be right and you know what i mean) we made some the other day when my bro and sis were here and it was….well….AMAZING, so thats what we’re doing

  • Anonymous

    Where are you going to college?

  • OnMyKnEeSb4hiM

    Cedarville University, out in Ohio.

  • Anonymous

    Thats cool! I was there for a weekend- it was a nice college! I’m going to Grace. I was just wondering where you were going cuz I thought you might be going to Grace also. Best of luck in college to you!

  • Anonymous

    jennifer…shopping tomorrow? i’m talkin outlets and whatnot…bathing suits? beach stuff? anyway, let me know if you’re interested…for some reason i’m feeling like you might have a nygo meeting tomorrow night, but it could be fun- day of shopping, and then girls night..cause i know becca might actually be able to, and i’m sure we could get other girls together..plus i don’t have to work tomorrow or thursday so it’d be PERFECT

  • xSxHxExLxLxYx

    oh yes. i’d definately have to say that it rides nicely. aw i love this song guess what today it?! 5 months. you know what that means? in a month it’s 1/2 a year! whoa. .shel.

  • Anonymous

    so you need to finish that music/picture thing cause i reallllllllllllllllllllly want a copy of it…ok so how ridiculous was today? i was about to start balling in the middle of the senior send-off, i was like please, no one else share that’ll make me cry cause i can’t deal with it. ok, well hope you had fun if you went with shell to see troy, i was in mid-nap when she called and a little out of it and just very pleased with sleeping at the time.

  • MattLambertson

    Your car is awesome…I need to see it in full daylight. hehe.
    Welcome to C4! :D

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