2004/ 07-11b

Creation was wonderful this year… I highly enjoyed the bands that i saw.

NYGO was a stretch!  But God worked in wonderful ways!  He helped me to see and understand PURPOSE… most importantly, HIS purpose.  And that applies to what He wants me to do, and why He places me in certain places.  God definitely has a reason for everything, and may He be glorified in EVERYTHING He has me do!

New York yesterday and today to visit family… it was such a nice drive.  and I got to see cousins i had not seen in what seems like ages.

oh, i got my schedule for Cedarville this fall… can’t say I have any complaints.  MWF i have 4 classes, T i have 1 @ 3pm, and TH i have 2.  exciting stuff.

oh, update on me… i think i have the flu.

and the previous entry is for a few special friends of mine… hope you enjoy!!!    (love ya, tbird & kaydra!)


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3 responses to “2004/ 07-11b

  • Anonymous

    estoy contento por ti. como esta el carro?;)

  • convalesco

    it was cool hanging out tonight and letting you play with my ferret, harrietwe should chiilllll moree dawg

  • Anonymous

    Jennie you are awesome!! i am going to miss you when i am gone.. and yes that song is awesome!!! if you find it put it on a CD for me i want to play it in my car and have every one look at me funny! it would be so much fun! and thanks for hanging out with us tonight it was fun..even though i kinda was off in my N64 world its just so much fun finding someone who likes to play haha when i get home its a date me and you Mario cart haha!!! but on another note i really encouraging to hear what God is doing in your life Jennifer.. i just thought i would let you know that! love you jen and i shall see you in two weeks

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