2004/ 07-22

life is so crazy.  i was just realizing today that i only have not even four full weeks until i leave for college. next week… beach!  which will be the best week of the summer.  then two weeks of i’m-not-sure-yet (but there are possibilities!) and then a week of cramming everything i own into boxes and saying my goodbyes in order to leave for cedarville.  thankfully i don’t have to say all of my goodbyes… shel, ahna, heather, lauren & kate will be out there with me… and then there will be many new faces to meet.  of course i’m excited.

but…  may God give me peace and patience to make it through next year without my best friend.  *sigh*  that may be the hardest part.

today is so gross and sticky… but i love the sunshine.  we need more of it!  especially in NJ next week!  yay for the beach!  you can’t imagine how excited i am… 7 of my best girlfriends in the whole wide world… one big beach… amazing memories-in-waiting.  ahhhhh!!!  haha.  yay. 

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9 responses to “2004/ 07-22

  • absenttomorrow

    i’m not so sure about a panda. koala MAYBE

  • TheBestPageInTheUniverse

    Oh Jenny…thank you for the comment. Quite nice to hear from a good friend. It’s tough when most of my days are spent with roofers who curse out the wazooo constantly. Not exactly the best influence. And,…I WILL take you out to lunch one of these days…if it’s rainy tomorro i may just call you if i’m off work. *throws back head and laughs* (evil little cackle)…..PS dont you dare forget about me

  • TheBestPageInTheUniverse

    Oh yea..forgot…definite props to the panda bear…you are so random.I think i want to be…oh boy i dont know…I think i want to be a wolf…or maybe that’s just what i feel like…a lonely wolf….haha…cheers :P

  • msunshine623

    hey jen!long time no see-u should have stopped  by yesterday when u saw me.  we’re doin a sidewalk sale (basically ur typical yard sale) n i’m runnin it! which means i sit out there most of the day n sale stuff haha.  i’ve been pretty good, gettin nervous about college. how bout u?

  • GodsPrincess005

    Is this Jen Seacrest’s site? If so, then, HELLO! It’s Sarah Stoltzfus. How’s life after NYGO?

  • prettyshowers18

    ive asked this before, but is dan coming to PBU in the fall? Just wondering cuz I was talking to your dad at a concert and he said that he thinks that he is. I told him where I go to college (for the millionth time haha) and he said that he thinks that PBU is there your boyfriend is going. Sorry if you responded the first time i asked and i missed it. just comment on my site.

  • GodsPrincess005

    My summer has been ok. I just got back from Georgia. My cousin got married. It wasn’t that fun. But I’m glad to be home. And yes, I’m coming to the banquet tonight. Hope to see you there..::Sarah::.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jen, thanks for the complements and all, I mean I’m flattered, but seriously, do you think Dan would appreciate you talking that way about me? Sorry, I couldn’t resist…

  • OnMyKnEeSb4hiM

    haha mike… don’t you wish…   lol.

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