2004/ 07-23

do we all like the new look of the site???
i think it’s almost boring… i can’t detail it enough right now.  anyone wanna enhance my header?! 
lol…  (*jen realized how dumb she just made herself sound…*)

as i said to several of you… sometimes i wonder what it would be like to be a panda bear.  ok, so question… if you were a panda bear, and you came across a bag of skittles… do you think you would eat them?  what about the paper?  or maybe you would just pull the candies out of the bag?  do you think you would be picky about the colors… only eat the red ‘cuz they’re the best and not the orange ‘cuz they don’t taste as good?  or maybe just avoid them all-together because pandas are vegetarians and don’t eat sugary american candy?  and if you did happen to eat some… would a rainbow shoot out of nowhere and drop skittles from the sky???  sometimes i wonder…

wow… one more day!… one more day until the best week of my summer!  BEACH!

i feel so old sometimes.  out of place.  a has-been.
time for sleep.  goodnight.


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23 responses to “2004/ 07-23

  • MrScott

    I eat sugary american candy and i’m a vegetarian.  But i’m not a panda, so I don’t think I can answer your question.

  • TheBestPageInTheUniverse

    Hmm…if I were a panda, I’d probably eat a few, and then give the rest to you. The rainbow isnt outside…it’s on the inside.

  • Officiare

    i would take all the orange ones and return the package to where i found and continue like nothing happened!

  • Anonymous

    well i if these skittle you speech of would be sour i would be all over them like…well i dont know what like….it wouldnt matter if i was like a slug id still attempt to eat this delicous treat… you know how much i love the darn things!!! =)

  • Anonymous

    um…i would like to be a panda to so i wouldn’t have to live in the U.S. and i could run free in the forests of China (or wherever panda’s live…)

  • Anonymous

    if i were a panda, i’d probably think the skittles were berries and eat them and think the bag was a leaf and eat it too, at least until i discovered that it wasn’t and spit it out in great comtempt. are pandas color blind?

  • GodsPrincess005

    Most likely I would be a tired panda and I’d eat everything in sight. hehe! I will truly miss sleeping on that matress w/ you and have you draw on my arm. hmmm… You feel like a has been and I feel like it’s going to take forever to get to know these people. They have some strong clicks. (does that have a different spelling?)Well, you have fun at the beach..::Sarah::.

  • ragingkatherins

    yes i think i would. would you?

  • xSxHxExLxLxYx

    why yes, i do believe i would. ¿how about yourself?
                               your loving cousin
    we need to get together soon, because you’re gunna be leaving for college in a short amount of time. and i want to be able to spend some quality time together. cause i’m going to miss you a WHOLE lot! i love you jenni!

  • Anonymous

    beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach beach
    -so i might need you to come pick me up tomorrow, i’m gonna try calling heather but you would be hero if you came to get me, later jen jen- i must figure out what i’m packing…for….THE BEACH! ahhhhhhhh
    the excitement overwhelms me

  • nelli_marie

    uhm i am going to miss your randomness.  and clothing.  no seriously i’m gonna miss ya.  and i wouldn’t know about being a panda.  i’d prob. go eat leaves sooner than something that i don’t know what it is.

  • absenttomorrow

    yeah..who wouldnt eat them. they would be out of their mind not to.

  • livinforChrist247

    haha, yes I do think the Panda would eat the skittles, what do you think?

  • MattLambertson

    In answer to your question…I would eat them because I would be like…”my life is so boring and black and white because I AM black and white and I don’t wear clothes…so I need to color my life!”

  • Officiare

    if i was a panda i would bite you!! just kidding

  • Anonymous

    Jen… you really caught me off guard with this panda bear question.  Upon hearing this question, the only thing I could think of was, “Was she drinking?”  And then I realized that you’re underaged and wouldn’t have been drinking.  Unless you were drinking milk–milk is good.  Maybe it gave you an upset stomach and consequently and upset mind?  But really, if I were a panda bear, I doubt if I’d eat skittles.  I think that color is not the issue–I can’t think of one animal that isn’t color blind, to my knowledge–but rather texture, etc.  If I were in Happy Sweet Land by eating green stalks of the darndest-hard plants I’d ever eaten, I don’t know that I’d be content by eating small chewy things that tasted too sugary.  As a weight-conscious panda bear, I’d probably be watching my weight.  And my back–there’d probably be hunters trying to kill me and stuff.
    My song:  “Ithilien”  —  David J. Finnamore  found here

  • Anonymous

    When I become a panda bear i will let you know! lol

  • magentadreams

    hey jen, its ashley schulz. i dont know what i would do…probably eat them since they are so colorful.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I would!! Jen who took that picture I believe that it would be I who did haha but I hope you are having an awesome time at the beach and I cant wait to see you when you come home!

  • SilentPoet

    Hello, I’m a friend of Erin’s and I came across your site.Anyway, I would just like to comment on the awesome choice of music you have playing, it’s Nickle Creek isn’t it?Rock on,~aaron~

  • Anonymous

    jen…i think you got me hooked on chex mix… i currently find myself eating some and i have to think of you!  i’ll try to call you sometime this weekend after you come home from the beach and see if we can do something.
    luv ya

  • skaterpunk64

    most definately. all the colors of the rainbow.

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