2004/ 08-21

yay for college!!! 

so many people here that i know and recognize, and then so many others that i get to meet.

janelle, tamara, & shelly… you MUST come visit me!!!  you’ll love it here.  (good looking boys… *wink*)  haha.  good music on the radio station, too.  hope PD went well… let me know what bands to check out next.

ok, well, i think i have stuff to do yet today?  i’m not sure.  we’ll see.  keep in contact…


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3 responses to “2004/ 08-21

  • xSxHxExLxLxYx

    jen, i miss you tons and tons already. it’s so hard to believe your off to college already. i miss the old days.. before we could all drive. when our parents would always get together and we’d hang out. although we did have quite a few times in there where we faught, but hey that’s normal we were girls… what do you expect. i love you! and i can’t wait to visit you! it’ll be sooo exciting… keep in touch with me as well.

  • Anonymous

    glad all is well.

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