2004/ 09-02

<–   i love that picture

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9 responses to “2004/ 09-02

  • Anonymous

    Are you sniffing your armpit?

  • Anonymous

    No, i was picking her nose from the right side (as you look at the picture), but she cut me out of course.  Oh, and the reason the picture looks like that is because it came out of our old printer in black and white and then went through the mail to OH, and then went through her scanner.  Awesome

  • OnMyKnEeSb4hiM

    i like the picture looking like that.  and i tried to keep you in… but it was too big.  and if i made it smaller, you couldn’t see it.  so i kept it like this.  i like it.

  • Anonymous

    how could u cut dan out of a picture? especially when he’s picking your nose!!? i guess it would be too big. yes jen, school is great, i literally feel like i’m at a different school. God is good. hows school been treating you?

  • GodsCreation4290

    Hey Jen! How is everything going? I really just wanted to say hi and that I really miss watching you on stage in the Sr. High along with Becca! The two of you were really an encouragement to me and I really miss you! Well, I will talk to you later! ~Tara~

  • Anonymous

    That’s an awesome picture! lol.

  • Anonymous

    snail mail!! cute :)  you can use my reg email if you want to, buy my college email is mg1207@messiah.edu
    Messiah College, Monica Groff, P.O. Box 5502
    Grantham, PA 17027
    I am having so much fun!  I love my classes and i have met a lot of cool ppl! my roomate actually is from akron ohio, so i’m not sure where that is in respect to you but i jus thought that was cool.  Miss you bunches!  let me in on whats going on out there!! luv ya

  • Anonymous

    jen thank you for being here for me even thought you are miles and miles away.. it means so much to me.. you are like a sister to me and i love it thank you and i cant wait to see you

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