2004/ 09-07b

hmm… what a day.  i guess.  slept a lot.  chapel was good, i was glad to hear dr. brown speak again… i really do like him.  talked about sound mixers and consoles in audio production today.  that was cool… very interesting stuff.  lunch was good… chicken ceaser salad.  beat the long line today.  then off to cultural anthropology… that class made me sick.  ok, no, literally… after that class i’ve been feeling sick.  don’t think it had anything to do w/ the class, although it was very boring.

i think perhaps it may be the chicken coming back to haunt me… must be the chicken.  never could trust that stuff.  missed a visit to Grace Community tonight because of my stupid nauseous state.  oh well.  soccer game tonight.  that is if the rain holds off.  i’m excited… first home game of the year.

computers are really starting to get on my nerves.  first our dorm computer has stupid problems… poor rachel.  they finally replaced our computer today, but now she lost all of her cedarnet (H: drive) info and her desktop icons… happened once before, but so weird.  oh, and now the cedarville website/network is acting up… internal server errors.  oh, and on top of that… i’ve been having problems w/ some of my xanga stuff.  still working on it… finally put some stuff back where it belongs… but i have a lot more that i think i need to go through.  let me know if you see, hear, or smell any problems.

yuck, we need to invest in a water filter.  our coffee pot has way too much filmy scum on the bottom from the nasty tap water.  never was a fan of that stuff… i like it bottled, myself.  speaking of buying stuff… i also need a bed lamp to hook on my bed somewhere… it gets so dark in there and is hard to read/study.  (‘cuz i do so much of that).  blah, we just need to get to a walmart.  i miss my car.  i could maybe try and get it here… but of course that would deplete the discount on the insurance at the moment, as well as money in my pocket for gas.  so i guess it can wait… it’s just such an inconvenience.

off to the game…

:: edit ::
so… i was thinking… i miss having a good camera.  i miss taking pictures.  i miss the way i see things through a lens.  the whole view of the world through a photographic eye is just amazing… and to have a tangible piece of someone’s point of view in your hands… to be able to keep a part of what you’ve seen… just amazes me.  i’m in the mood for pictures…

yay for the game tonight.  i love the sports atmosphere.  we lost.    but it was still a good time.  free sodas and burgers… mmmm…. 


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3 responses to “2004/ 09-07b

  • Anonymous

    i think u should continue to pursue photography, as a matter of fact, i put a picture you took on my profile pic. Blessings!

  • Anonymous

    college….woooo woooooooooooo
    well, i hope daniel isn’t the only person you miss….cause then i don’t know if we could be friends anymore…i’m just sayin…
    oo we have a luau friday, i don’t know if i spelled it right..but you…the hawaiian thing…sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
    later jennifer

  • Anonymous

    you seem to be missing a lot right now. 

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