2004/ 09-08

i had a bagel for lunch today.  and a banana… with peanut butter.

lol… chapel was the best today.  (“can i hear an amen?”  “preach it preacher!”)  goodness i love the chapels here.  “careful men… the figure 8 will turn into a figure O.”  haha…

woke up really tired today.  don’t know why.  but it happens.  once again, didn’t know what to wear… what’s new.  it’s kinda rainy today… or as joy put it… there’s spit in the air.  (how appetizing).  i really do enjoy it though… not enough for an umbrella, and besides, it’s too windy.  oooh… i like the wind.  it’s gorgeous weather out there today.  i’ve been longing for the coolness.  i’m a fan.

i wore my boots today.  my “hooker” boots as katie put it… sure didn’t hook anything.  lol, i felt a little out of place at first walking to class, but then julie sang “you are so beautiful” to me   she knows how to make me smile!  oh hey… lauren has these awesome green pants… i want them.  i’m so ready to go shopping… i sound like such a girl, but still.

heehee… saw this kid in my christian life & thought class today that looked like someone my sister would be friends with   he looked… how shall i say it… alternative?  no… emo-ish.  but not really.  very… local bandy.  but… that he likes them, not really in one.  hmm… anyway, thought of you today, nel!

workin’ the radio station today… pick me up between 4-6… i’m gonna dj!  ha.  nervous?  duh.  excited?  of course.  four breaks, we’ll see what happens.  confidence is the key, right?

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