2004/ 09-09a

i love encouragement.  i love re-reading the notes.
sometimes i wonder where this part of me is at…

* Jenny, thank you for being my happy-go-lucky pill.  your smile brings me joy.  the face of Christ is in your smile.   -shannon
* You are sincere and tenderhearted.  This is evident not only with children (which you love) but also with your peers.  I have seen a sensitivity towards God & the things of God.  You will be a sweet wife and mother.    -jody
* Jen, you are mature beyond your years.  I have been blessed by your desire to study God’s word & by the insight he has given you into the scriptures.  I see that you are a good friend to your peers.  You are unselfish & a good listener.  I pray one day you too will disciple girls and lead them closer to God.    -laurie v.o.
* your kind heart is a great quality, always keep that.    -c.newc
* Jen, I’ve said it before to people-so I’ll say it to you.  I can’t believe your Dad had such a beautiful daughter!  (no offense ken)  God truly does shine through you.  Your sweet qualities are ones I wish I had.  Follow after God, guard your heart as a young woman, and pray for wisdom and guidance.  God will direct your path.  Your husband is going to be one lucky man!  I hope that you learn from me the way I’ve learned from you!  love you babe!     -christine
* Jen, you are a fun person to be around.  Your joy and friendship is great.  Keep on working w/ younger kids.  Also, your desire to worship the Lord is great; keep on singing his praise.  Also, always be a great/consistent friend.  -leigh
* Jen, you are a very pretty girl, and I hope that you stand strong against any guys that think impurely about you.  You have such a cute voice.  Keep the Lord at number one in your life.   -derek
* Jenny, you have a huge heart for God.  I love watching you sing.  I can tell that it comes from deep within you and that you love God!  You have been such a good friend and almost like a younger sister I never had.  I love you so much & keep loving God!  love ya lots    -grace
* Jen, you’ve been a great roommate.  i love listening to you sing & your care for your family.  I see God shine in you & I’m so happy and excited to watch you grow in Christ through the rest of your high school career    -jenell
* Jen, it has been a blessing having you on the Mexico trip.  God’s love shone through you as you loved the kids at VBS.  God has also blessed you with a beautiful voice.  Continue to love and serve God in all you do.    -seth
* Jen, you are such an encouragement.  Kids love you, you have such a servant’s heart–giving back & foot massages, and you are a great listener.  I pray that God will use you in ways that you cannot even imagine.  i love you    -keturah
* Jen, what would i have done without you on this trip.  You’ve been right beside me taking care of me and checking up on me.  Your inner beauty is so radiant in all you do.  You love god and there’s no doubt about that one.  Keep pursuing God with passion and zeal!  I’m excited to get to know you even more this year!  Proverbs 31:30  guard your heart.  -erin
* Jen S — I will always have a warm place for you in my heart.  You are really special – you will be a treasured person to me for years to come.  I look forward to seeing you mature more & more!  God bless,    -Greg
* Dearest Jen, …You have such a heart for God & a love for others, it’s inspiring.  I especially love watching you play with kids.  You have such a gift there it’s incredible.  Thank you for letting God use you because I can see Christ emulated through you so much!  Keep chasing after God with everything you’ve got.  Love always,   -Lindsay
* Jen, I see the joy and love for God shining through in your life.  You are always so willing to serve God and give your life for Him.    -allison k.
* Jen S — you are always taking care of others (like your dad) — i look forward to watching your servant leadership in action for younger girls to follow you.  let us know how to take care of you – it’s a good thing.  we want to – give us joy!  love,    -allison d.
* Jen, I can tell you love God.  Jesus shines through you.  Keep letting Jesus take control in your life, give him everything.    -mark
* Jen, it has been wonderful getting to know you more & more.  You have such a desire to see others come to Christ.  Keep loving the kids like you do.  They’re soooo precious.  Your gentle rubs on the back showed me your love time and time again.  I can’t explain how much your gentleness and love have encouraged me.  I love you very much, Jen!  -katie r.
* Jen, you love little kids with an amazing kindness and generosity.  The Lord has a purpose for your life.   -chris d.
* Jen, you have such a gift to love children!  God has blessed you with that when I see you w/ Emily & all the other girls… I’ll never forget “A” lunch… “here comes Jen” when you’d come and talk even when you didn’t know a table full of Srs.  Believe it or not… knowing you were at school watching me… kept me in check… thank you for that!  You have such a love for the Lord!  And such a cheerful spirit!  You are a beautiful girl… and I love to see your yearning to lead your friend to the Lord!  Keep that heart!  You’re going to make a Godly man HAPPY someday!  : )  i love you!    -wendy
* Jen, often on this trip have I heard your voice singing out to the cord.  Your parents raised and are raising a godly woman.  I encourage you to make the student ministry your own.  Bless the Lord in all you do & you will be blessed!  your bro in christ,   -george
* Jen, your love for God, your caring, kind, spirit has been of so much encouragment to me.   -lauren b.
* Jen, you have a huge heart and God will bless you so much with it.  You can see Jesus when you are looked at by others.  -scott
* Jen, you have a heart for God and you keep Him 1st.  I’ve noticed this through the love you ahve for your family and for kids and for friends.  I really respect your patience in VBS and w/ all of us girls in general.  The Lord has great plans for you and I can’t wait to see what they are.   -sonya
* Jen, I appreciate you very much.  I see Jesus in you always.   Continue to search after God whole heartedly.    -greg k.
* Jen, you were the first freshman that i became friends with this year and i love you to death.  you have such a passion for the lord and i can tell that you are going to be one of the female leaders in our student ministry.  God has given you such a kind heart and a love for kids.  I think you are one of the most beautiful people i know inside and out.  i am so glad that you are in my small group back at home and that you are always there to keep me in check.  you are such a godly woman and i pray that God will give you a wonderful husband and family when you grow up.  love always,    -ashley
* Jen, your spirit just glows.  i see it with your friends, with your family, and especially for the Lord.  I know that anything God asks you to do you will do with a holy zeal.   -eric foster

my purpose for jotting all of these down is not only because encouragement is a huge uplifter, and it’s just nice to look back through these… but that was over three years ago.  sometimes i wonder where that part of me is.  am i supposed to be able to see it in my own life?  i often times don’t feel that i’m that same person.  granted, people change… but i want to be that person again.  i’ve lost some of that holy zeal, sad, but true… and i want to regain it.  i want Jesus to be seen through my everyday lifestyle.  through my smile.  through my songs.  through everything that i go about doing.  that it’s all for Him.  for His glory.  not any of my own.  too often i set all other things aside and think only about myself… not even realizing that i’m thinking only about myself.  wow it brings a person down.  brings me down… i’m sure it brings others down when they see it.  i want to be known for who Jesus is in me… not for who I am.  Lord, give me strength, patience, and kindness.  I praise God for where He’s placed me in life right now.


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