2004/ 09-11b

Things That Would Be Fun To Get In the Mail:

postage stamps
chex mix, cheez-it party mix, gardettos, kirkland snack mix (any kind, really)
cds (new releases, soundtracks, classical)
dvds (classics, new movies, anything not R)
halloween candy (or just any candy in general.  we just need variety)
free posters from provident of cool bands
cheez-its / cheese nips
$ is always a good thing
gift certificates
coupons for groceries
chocolate.  anything chocolate.
personal notes / letters
stickers are fun!
sets of blank notecards
small notebooks (like the ones i have at home that my sister is supposed to send…)
pictures are cool to look at!  and put on my bulletin board…
books make a good read.
popcorn is pop-ular
gum is nice to chew.
jell-o packets… mmm…
my car.  good luck mailing that one.
applesauce… i need it for late night paper writing.
um… pretty much anything would make my day, really.

in case you forgot…

Jen Siegrist
251 N. Main St. #5452
Cedarville OH 45314

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