2004/ 09-14

man, checking my mailbox is starting to get depressing!

so… some of the things that made me laugh recently :
– julie martz on three hours of sleep… wow.  funniest things ever.
– justin at dinner tonight… “in your dreams… or mine.”
– joy… “i would think that ranch and croutons would hurt pretty bad”

wow, i love cedarville.  dance party in the dorm room tonight.  that was crazy.  oh hey… gavin degraw… good guy.  i’m so totally in the mood for sound of music!  i need more movies… the good ones.  um, homework sucks, pretty much.  i’m not a fan of reading, and papers aren’t always my hot spots.

oh!  i forgot about my laundry… go now.
and don’t forget… there is a slight possibility that pandas would eat skittles.


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13 responses to “2004/ 09-14

  • Anonymous

    that panda’s would eat skittles, i feel this is you being very random or trying to pass on an inside joke to me, but i don’t understand, i’m on the outside. i leave in a week, what joy.

  • Anonymous

    You did it to Jon, too?  Jen, I wonder about how useful your time really is at college if you go around making nonsensical comments like these… to multiple people.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, so your site just replaced c_omments with “miracles.”  Really cute.  Nonsensical miracles.

  • BrokenReality04

    Gavin DeGraw put on a concert here on Sat. I didn’t go see it, but he was here (at Bucknell). Just thought I’d tell you that since it’s kind of a coincidence. Have a lot of fun!

  • nelli_marie

    hey there.. don’t worry..dad’s gonna be bringin a bunch of stuff over when he comes. 

  • Anonymous

    What is it with you and this skittles and panda business?!

  • Anonymous

    Panda’s WOULD eat skittles b/c skittles are so good!

  • nelli_marie

    ok you really should shut up about the skittles and panda’s. seriously. ha. ok but.. uh . ok so i realized..i miss you not being here because you always have gum. and i was craving some.

  • Anonymous

    why not crave skittles instead?

  • Anonymous

    i guess it’s because you’re not a panda bear…right? 

    ah, i’m sorry to get in on the p/s (panda/skittles) deal.  But it’s truly fascinating, the whole comprehensible detail of the experimantal group in it’s natural habitat.

  • Anonymous

    where did this panda skittles thing come from?  i don’t think pandas would eat skittles!  lol have a great day. luv ya

  • Anonymous

    yes!! ill go with you!! hehe…yours sounds like an awesome time and i LOVE the sandlot!!!! i can quote that movie!! hehehe…
    “Do you want a s’more?”
    “S’more of what?”
    “No, do you want a s’more?”
    “How can I have s’more of nothing?”
    “You’re killing me Smalls! Look, this is s’more stuff. Pay attention. First, you take the gram. You stick the chocolate on the gram. Then you roast a ‘mallow. When the ‘mallow’s flamin, you stick in on the chocolate and cover it with the other end. Then, you scarf!”
    hahahahaha…i LOVE that movie! so cute…
    you want to know something jenni? the first time i ever watched the sound of music was…this past sunday…hehe…no lie! i’ve never seen it before and i didn’t even finish the movie! it’s a cool movie, i guess. i’ve seen better. hehe…want to know something really cool! my brother’s going to be a pastor!!!!!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • Anonymous

    i don’t wanna be anything other than what i’ve been trying to be lately…

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