2004/ 09-17

:: edit ::  so, this entry was supposed to be thursday night… it really is thursday night.  this computer just thinks that it’s tomorrow, but i haven’t slept yet, so really it’s not friday yet.  just thought i’d let you know…

so, steven curtis chapman definitely stopped by for chapel yesterday.  too cool.  that made my day.  ok, that wasn’t the only thing!    boys and chocolate were cool too.

i’m so psyched… it’s going to be a wonderful weekend.  of course everything seems to be happening tomorrow night ? what’s with that?!  cookouts, get togethers, late night appetizers at applebee’s for joy’s birthday (happy bday, by the way, joyful!)  oh well…

so… there were men in a rowboat in our lake today.  heehee… they’re putting in a fountain.  looks & sounds pretty.  they keep turning it on and off though… maybe it’s not working properly.  yeah well.

i like music.  i like my guitar.  i like singing. 

i got business cards in the mail today!  it was a secret package… i forgot it was coming, and was all excited for it… and then realized what it was.  but that’s ok, it’s still cool.  oh!  and i’m… (jen breaks out into song)… bringing in the sheaves, i’m bringing in the sheaves…!  ok, not really… more like… bringing in the moulah.  as in… the dough.  the greens.  i’m making money!  i love when people buy makeup.  it makes me so happy.  ‘cuz i love the makeup, and i love when other people love the makeup.  yay for mark.

so… i don’t mean to be causing some huge controversy over pandas and skittles.  i was really just downright curious as to whether or not a panda bear that happened to come across a bag of skittles would stop and eat them, or just keep going.  i didn’t know if pandas would be attracted to colorful sugary rainbow like candies.  but anyway, i didn’t mean to upset people…

do you think that my beta fish would eat peanut butter if i dropped some in the bowl?  it might energize him just a little bit more, although he has appeared more active lately.  but peanut butter sure smells better than that fish food…  ick…

hey, did i mention that i’m excited for tomorrow?! 

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