2004/ 09-22

day of prayer today… they’re great.  i’m glad we have more than one during the year.  chapel was good.  i wanted to cry at one point.  our God is great.  bonfire tonight… i may have to trek over there.  how susceptible we become to apathy… do we really know know what it is like to be on our knees to the point of them bleeding?  do we really know humility?  “did you ever stop to think that if you have to worry about God’s will for your life, then you’re not really in it?”  do i know how to sit back and not worry, and let God take care of things?….

just a few thoughts.

yay for israel… he showed me this cool chord progression by the lake the other night… now i’ve just gotta stretch my fingers.  my fingers don’t like the stretch.  it may take a while.  but it sounds cool.  the picking thing is coming shortly…

homecoming this weekend!  getting excited.  smashing cars, tailgating party, bungee jumping thingies, contests, soccer game, Casting Crowns concert, and Sandlot out on the big screen under the stars.  it’ll be great.  can’t wait.


Start the day off tomorrow by rolling out of bed and putting on your favorite jeans and a t-shirt, and end the day with SGA Homecoming 2004!

It all starts in the SSC parking lot!

5-7:00PM – Tail-gating dinner
5-8:00PM – Activities, fun, prizes, and contests
7:00PM – Men’s soccer game vs. Shawnee State
8:00PM – Concert doors open
8:30PM – Casting Crowns
10:45PM – “The Sandlot” and snacks in the field house


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8 responses to “2004/ 09-22

  • hahacheerleader

    we’ve not been acquainted long…nor have we spoken often, or very much, and i’ve never met the man you love, but from the little i know of you and the small portion of your soul that pours from your fingers onto my screen i can say that without a doubt he is one of the luckiest men alive today… what a tight kid you are

  • Anonymous

    Maybe not as much as you, but I’m sure I know what kind of “prince charming” he is, for he also treats his friends as princes.  Whattaguy.  Proud to call him my friend.  By the way, I am very, very intrigued by this chord progression.  Go ahead and tell me it, if you wouldn’t mind.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for getting on top of those chords for me.  I’m quite a music theory enthusiast.  And about me knowing that all porcupines float, that’s a fallacious statement we like to call Complex Question.  Plus, it’s like one of those questions, “Did you know that a duck’s quack doesn’t echo, and no one knows why?”  It’s an urban legend that people repeat without knowing of its veracity.  Of course, I’m not sure where you’re coming up with statements of skittle-eating pandas and floating porcupines… really.
    By the way, for those chords, you could just tell me each note in each one!  I might be able to figure it out from there–one thing I love doing.  By the way, if you would like a cool chord to play, try VImaj7b5, third inversion.  That’s my special chord.  In A minor, it’d be E F A B.  Try it out!  You know, after classes.

  • Anonymous

    lol.’ve always seemed to have killed my goldfish in 3 seconds…so I wouldn’t know it’s attention span

  • Anonymous

    yes, in fact i did know that…
    wanna know a joke? how do you keep a blonde busy? tell her to put M&Ms in alphabetical order…hehehe

  • Anonymous

    hey there jen… bees scare me. what makes u bring that up tho?

  • convalesco

    i know a few chaps who go to your college

  • convalesco

    haha no problemuhh katie tucker, jon rutt, i think more but i forget

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