2004/ 09-24

i must say, i thoroughly enjoy randomness.

Love-a-Lot Bear
You love to take care of others and people love being around you because you make them feel appreciated. You are very sweet and soft-spoken. You are also a romantic and consider yourself an excellent matchmaker, so you tend to be a bit nosy. But everyone still considers you the sweetest person they know.

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6 responses to “2004/ 09-24

  • The_0rk

    Where would we be without randomness? Randomness makes the world go round.  Everything is random… Why do we call red red instead of askj? Why do we have SGA? Why do we write blogs? You are so right!

  • xSxHxExLxLxYx

    oh wow i must say, that is a very interesting statistic. and a lot of ants :). but on a different note. that picture is really cute. what exactly are you doing . hehe shellyi love you jen!

  • Anonymous

    Well, I very much enjoy your randomness.

  • OnMyKnEeSb4hiM

    ok, i’ll explain it again…  i went bowling.  dan was sitting beside me.  i wanted to get our picture taken.  mike kubinec had the camera.  right before the picture was snapped, dan tried to pick my nose… but i caught him and moved his hand, while laughing… that’s what you see… me laughing and moving dan’s hand.  you don’t see dan, however, because the picture was way too large w/ him in it.  so i just used me.  but it’s much cuter w/ him in the picture. 

  • Officiare

    guess whatQ! i ate one of those toasted cheeseburgers and it was darn good… not sure it was worth the THREE DOLLARS though. oh well! hope things are going well!

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