2004/ 09-26

“you’re killing me smalls!”  haha.  good weekend.  thoroughly enjoyed it.

today is absolutely gorgeous… it’s like, perfect football weather.  laid by the lake again today.  it’s perfect.  although not much studying was done, sadly.  oh well.  it’ll happen.  takes time.  justin was putting me to sleep while playing my guitar… guys are so good at that.  anyway… i’m off to do more stuff.  have a great one, y’all.

hahaha… tonight was great.  justin cracked me up w/ that “chinese yo-yo” thing this afternoon… and the “hey, it’s a great day for croquet” comments.  haha, and andrew on his crutches.  and josh who knows how to do everything under the sun.  haha, and dinner this evening was quite entertaining.  oh!  and i found out that joel is probably going home w/ jon rutt for fall break which means that my weekend will be quite the enjoyment.

blah…. i feel gross.  i can’t even comprehend what i’m doing.  my nose feels stuffed up, but runny… and my head is congested.  and i keep sneezing.  why do i keep sneezing?  someone needs to come take care of me….

:: edit ::  chat rooms.  that’s all i have to say.  joel and andrew made my night.


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