2004/ 09-30

ok, so rachel’s stereo and i are having some issues.  first… i accidentally fed it one too many cds… i guess it just wasn’t hungry.  well, it got stubborn and wouldn’t let me take my cd back.  stupid stereo.  so i had to open it up, keep track of the screws, find a way to push the other cd tracks back, and get ahold of the extra cd, pull it out through the interior pieces without scratching it, put everything back in its original place, rescrew everything, and act like nothing ever happened.  ok, rach knew about it… but then again so did everyone else by that point… and by the end i was hailed as super-cool for being able to rescue the cd and fix the stereo.  yay for me.  oh, but then yesterday i tried to record something and i didn’t do it right.  stubborn stereo.

ok, i think i may actually have passed my audio production exam!  sheesh, i was having a heart attack over that one.  glad my whole course isn’t dependant upon that one exam.  blah. 

oh, and i got a letter in the mail from mrs. wolgemuth yesterday.  that made my day.  she’s so cool.  and some of my girls from mpact last year wrote on the back… ha, i miss those girls.

ok, i’m off to the rest of my day.  oh, did i say that i’m feeling better?  the pills have been helping… yay for pills.  i’m so less miserable.  looking forward to fall break right now.  i’m ready to be back behind the wheel of my baby.  i miss my car.  i think the first thing i shall do (after i sleep in) is get up and go drive somewhere.  anywhere.  i just want to drive.  i hope it’s sun-shiney and wonderful that weekend.

Lord, bless this day…

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3 responses to “2004/ 09-30

  • nelli_marie

    haha.. NOO i have baby right now.  tee hee. hum. i’m gonna be stuck with the beast of a thing to drive.
    haha. i can’t wait til you come back either.  and we will most def. have a photo shoot.   that will be bunches of fun. we could go upto the rock.  cuz the leave will have fallen .

  • OnMyKnEeSb4hiM

    *gasp!*  fun!  we seriously will.  i just want to do lots of driving when i get back… so i will take you with me.  you should just skip school for a day.  that would be awesome.  that thursday.  no school for you.  ok?  personal day.  fun w/ jen day.  ok, or we could just wait until you’re done w/ school… but skipping school would be more fun.  it’d be the cool thing to do.  ok, we’re doing it.  tell mom.  then dad.
    um… and i get to drive.

  • Memories_Of_Old

    wow, thats one evil sterio! lol. glad you got your cds back!
    sleeping in rocks! YAY FOR WEEKENDS! and driving cars is awsome… except for the fact I’m only 13. I miss you lots Jen!!!
    Melanie Z

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