2004/ 10-03

ok, quick update.  (pretend that i’m writing this saturday… b/c really i am.  it’s just right before i sleep…)

first…  here’s me after finally digging that cd out… w/ the stereo all torn apart.


second…  friday was so cool.  cardboard canoe races!  woohoo!  good times there.  and then beans and cream… best coffeehouse ever… we rocked the karaoke.  and they had amazing mochas.  then back to watch “that thing you do”… gotta love that movie.  it’s one of the best.

third…  today had to be the greatest, by far.  parade in the wee hours of the saturday morning… freakin’ 8:45 in the church parking lot!  blah.  but it was so cool… i got to ride in the pt cruiser convertible (tour-ring edition… as denny would say ) and threw out cool candy… one of the groups was throwing tshirts instead of candy… i ended up grabbing one.  oh, i was throwing candy & chilling w/ the campus radio station.  that’s why i was there.  then brunch… with a wonderful breakfast that felt real.  and then… watched the newsies and sort of napped.  then off to the lawlor vs. the hill football game!  (“hill yeah!”)  that craziness pretty much set the mood for the day.  then off to an early dinner, before making some crazy awesome signs for the soccer game tonight… then of course, the soccer game… where i pretty much froze off every part of my body possible!  but it was so much fun.  and free hot chocolate does me in every time.  we won, of course, and cheered josh on!  (“way to go super frosh josh #14!”)  ha… justin cracks me up.  then from there, justin, joel, justin, dan, trish, audrey, julie, joy, rach, lauren & i walked over to beans and cream (once again) and enjoyed ourselves in there…. playin’ the taboo and hittin’ up the karaoke once again.  you know… that stuff is so much fun.  the world would be a better place if everyone knew how to karaoke like there was no tomorrow.  oh, and i got a jones soda this time.  mmm….

oh!  haha… and i almost had joel smelling his whipped cream on his ice cream tonight.  but he caught it in time.  so i had him try it on justin… and it worked.  he inhaled the stuff.  literally.  poor guy… of course joel got him again w/ the cappuccino tonight… then again, why would anyone RUN with hot liquid in thier hands?!  twice in a day is quite classic.

well… guess that wasn’t quick after all.  sorry.
time for bed… church tomorrow!!! 


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3 responses to “2004/ 10-03

  • nelli_marie

    oh you look so lovely in that photo. but uh yea so i’m glad ya had fun in the parade ..and you at least got to see some sort of football game within your college.. hehe .. o kay. i need to go right now..get ready for church. THEN>. concert setup then work. Give me a call later …i have something to tell you

  • Anonymous

    yeah, you look really tired or hung over in that pic.  But, you know, i still think you’re pretty.

  • OnMyKnEeSb4hiM

    hey… it was late at night and i was ticked off… ‘cuz that was not how i planned on spending that hour and a half out of my night.  but uh…. no, i wasn’t hung over… and… thanks for saying i’m still pretty

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