2004/ 10-07

what a week… and it’s almost over. 

yay for me… 98% on the audio production exam!
and the edit that i have to work on is not so bad, either.  quite fun, actually.

so… missions has been on my mind lately.  seeing as how it was mis week here at cedarville… really got me thinking about what i’m going to do this summer.  currently i’m looking into… australia, guatemala, italy or south africa…  they would all be stretching.

just have to make sure i’m home for july & august…
this summer will be wonderful.


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2 responses to “2004/ 10-07

  • Anonymous

    Your comment made me smile :)  :) 
    Hope you have an amazingly awesome day… never forget God’s amazing love for you!

  • Anonymous

    Commenting on your last post, you’re right. He is gorgeous…oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t be saying that. Oh well, too late. Have fun at Cedarjail-er-Cedarville.

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