2004/ 10-14

YAY!  I’m home again!!!  and it feels so good.  although… that didn’t feel like my bed anymore.  but i slept good.  my muscles feel a little more relaxed.  the drive back was long…. and rainy… and allison keller finds humor in the smallest things!  haha.  and then i got to drive my car from the keller’s to my house… i can not even express how good that felt!!!

oh, so this week… tues. and wed. for chapel, we had the aunt and uncle of Rachel Joy Scott (first one killed in Columbine) come and speak.  John and Debbie Phillips…  really encouraging.  First John gave his testimony, and I think he had a great gift for speaking, keeping your attention and getting to his point.  and he said something… that i loved and didn’t write down because i thought for sure that i would remember it… but then i forgot!  i know, i’m bad.  and Debbie gave the testimony of Rachel Joy Scott… i don’t think i’ve cried that much in a chapel service yet.  but it was great.  i want to impact people that much from my life… really gets you thinking, you know?

well… i’m off to maybe clean some of the house for mom.  there’s lots of dishes there.  and then find my way up the mountain for some “me” time.  and then shop around at the outlets!  woohoo!  i love being home


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