2004/ 10-24

i love gorgeous fall afternoons.  sundays here are always amazing.  we went out and took some fun pictures today… as you can see to your left.  i’ll put more up on my photo site… so you can check them out there.  they’re so cute.

oh, so guess what!!!!  (ok, you’ll never guess…)  my friend tricia is gettin’ married!!!!  wow!  sooooo excited for her!  her boyfriend’s transferring to cedarville in January… and they’ve already talked to their parents about it.  he got her a promise ring, which will probably become the engagement ring because they like it so much… and they’re going to wait until the summer after their sophomore year to get married (at least.)  but wow… how exciting is that?!  sooo… we’re all plannin’ the wedding for her already… giving her tips on dresses, bridesmaids’ colors… decorations, indoor/outdoor, when to get married… it’s so crazy to think that someone i’m close to is getting hitched already… and this is something i actually get to help out with!  we’re all excited for her.

i’m such a girl.

well… back to my wonderful sunday afternoon….


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3 responses to “2004/ 10-24

  • Anonymous

    64 days til I see my boy!!! AND I just found out MY friend chelsea is getting married!!! (aug 13th)  how cool!! have an awesome rest of the weekend and an amazing week!
    -in Him-Amanda

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this something?  Once people go to college, acquaintances pop up all over the place.  A girl from our church goes to Cedarville, and a girl from your high school is in my English class (Melissa Carva…columbian).
    Odd odd odd.
    Anyway, later, sis.

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