2004/ 10-30

sometimes i fear he’s found some european chick over there.

had my interview today.  we’ll find out later how i did.  96 applications… 26 interviews… 12 job positions.  hmph.  God’s in control…. 

last night was so much fun!!!!  girl talks are PRICELESS!  hahaha… unfortunately it’s way too much “girlness” to go into even shallow detail on here.  but yay for moms who are willing to give answers to our crazy questions over the telephone.  mmm… then off to christin’s house.  wow… amazing chocolate chip cookies!  oh, and christin’s dad had this “perfect chair”…. it was fold-up, but it could rock… and it was the most comfortable thing i’ve ever sat in.  i need to find one of those.  it felt so good to be at an actual house last night… with two cool parents.  oh, and there was a wal-mart run in the middle of that… jul’s needed to pick up her pics, so i drove her over since we were nearby.  and i saw a lot of people there that i new.  collin, josh… darryl.  or should i say, “mr. guns”… haha.  the guys give him a hard time… but it’s true… his arms are like 10x the size of mine!  he’s a cool kid, though.  very quiet.  anyway, back to christin’s… we watched Maverick… wow!  funniest thing ever!  goodness… yay for that movie last night.  and popcorn.  and anna’s laugh.  oh, and i love christin’s family… she said if we’re ever having a bad night we could always go over there to chill out.  which sounds wonderful.

terrible terrible back and shoulder problems lately.  i think something’s been pinched… and if i ever move the wrong way, i can’t breathe right.  so liz did some hardcore stuff to my back last night… she thought i had a high threshold for pain.  but it felt so good.  and then miss joy put me to sleep when i walked over to their room… there was some good discussion goin’ on over there.  anyway, joy played w/ my hair… without me even asking her to!  wow.  she’s amazing.

you know what?… God is so cool!  i can’t imagine being here without these girls right beside me!  we’re already planning out the next four years… we’ll be living together, in the same unit.  and trish will be married.  and our senior year we want to live off-campus… three of the girls will be out teaching… rach will be off at the hospital all of the time… and who knows what audree and i will be doing.  but i’m so excited.  i can’t wait to live out these next four years.  goodness, we’re already planning breaks, even!  spring break at joy’s in florida… sometime we’re gonna visit rach in chicago during the winter time… along w/ jul’s in indiana.  we want all of the girls to come chill w/ lauren and i in pa for new years… or it could be anytime, really… and we’d all stay in the apartment beside lauren’s house!  wow… i have the best friends EVER on this campus.

i’m in the mood for a nice long roadtrip.  every time i get into my car, i’m ready to just keep driving.  i should take a trip home some weekend.  but i guess i can wait for thanksgiving.  and spring break will be even better.  major road-trip-age to florida w/ some of the girls.  of course joy will fly down.  maybe even lauren.  but i’m gonna drive… w/ rach… and jul’s ‘cuz we’re making her go w/ us… we won’t let her get busy!

you know what i really want to do?!  go on a date.  trish and audree are double-dating tonight, and quite frankly… i’m jealous.    i miss dates.  those were fun days.

ew… i need to change my fish’s water.  i think he’s going crazy.  although, i’m pretty sure i’ve classically conditioned him.  that’s fun.  the girls think i’m weird, but i swear… he knows the movement of my hand going for his food.  whatever.  still cool.

(goodness… i wrote a long one this time.  leave me some comments… it’s boring w/o them!)

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16 responses to “2004/ 10-30

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the comment! thruthfully, HS this year is awful. But church is really great. I’m getting involved in ministry central, and that’s a lot of fun. Are you coming home for thanksgiving? 
    He won’t find a european chick that’s better than you! you two are so perfect for eachother.

  • nelli_marie

    i actually got a dell.. ..my own money

  • MattLambertson

    long-distance relationships always come with those worries…don’t let it get you down though :)thanks for the comment…i suppose my week is getting better..

  • Anonymous

    i doubt daniel would do a thing like that. hes a classy guy. plus, french girls dont shave their armpits.

  • GodsCreation4290

    Jen, don’t worry about Dan finding another girl. That just won’t happen. To Dan, you are better than every other girl out there. Everything will be alright. It sounds like you are having a great time out there. I really miss you and I miss seeing you sing on the worship team. Are you going to come home for Thanksgiving? I hope that you do. Well, I will talk to you later. LUV YA JEN! ~Tara~

  • livinforChrist247

    Hey Jen!
    I miss you sooo much! It was so much fun seeing you again…I have the movie Maverick…and your right..it is hilarious…I love the pictures you put on your xanga…all the girls say hi, and that they miss you! See you soon….have fun at college
    Love you lots

  • Falling_Stars06

    yes boys r very fun… I would miss dates 2… hope you feel better!

  • Anonymous

    Fear not!  Dan’s’n’awesome guy!  Why take someone he’d only have known for a few months over someone he’s known for many years?  Logically, you’re still the best choice for him!    “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” isn’t that it?  It can’t be “Absence makes the heart go yonder,” yet, because he’s still stuck in Europe, but I’m sure he’s determined to get back to you.  Worry not.
    Although I must suggest you start worrying about, I don’t know, college funds?  I mean, maybe it’s just me, but all this talk about what spring breaks and roat trips you’re going to go on in the next four years leaves room for me to think, “Hmmm… I wonder a) where she’s going to get all the money for this, and 2) how she’s going to pay for college…?”
    Riiiiight.  Anyway, hi.  Melissa sure looked shocked when I said that you told me to tell her, “Hi.”  Quite funny.   Strange little girl, she is.

  • Anonymous

    They’re going to pay you to sing???  What kind of dumb college are you going to, anyway??!  This is crazy-talk.  I’m totally going to strike up a gig somewheres around here and bust out the keyboards on all these folks in this little town…. blow ’em straight outta their classical minds with my new age, fusion-type Neal-style pianoing.  John Tesh would be proud.  I get money because I pour my sweat into the dishroom in the school’s kitchen… like, I actually pour sweat on the dishes.  It’s nasty.  But I get paid for it!  So nyaaahh!

  • almostfamous26

    things are going awesome and i hope things are going well for you too!!! what song is on your site, it’s really good. i’m soo glad to hear from you!!! i would type more but i’m just about spent and ready to climb into bed. hope to hear from you soon!!! love, erin

  • Anonymous

    what is up jen…how is everything goin in your neck of the woods. bc i know its goin well for me. hope to see you soon..
    keep on truckin’
    li.z =^.^=

  • msunshine623

    yes haha i have class w/ neil.  and i was shocked because i wasnt expecing him to b like hey, i kno ur friend!  come on jen…u kno that’s random!  haha, but ya, it was funny, but comforting, knowing that someone hear, knows someone from home.  college is awesome, and i hope your having a great time too.  neil told me that your still w/ that guy.  haha i member ur ‘absent tomorrow’ shirts.  they rocked!  i hope i get to cya soon, sometime over t-giving break perhaps?  jimmy and hoffy r planning a big get together, u should come….if ur interested i’ll give u the details.  tty soon jen, bye for now!

  • Anonymous

    jen i miss you…i miss going to the rock..i miss talking to you…and dont worry about any thing God knows whats going to happen…i love you and i miss you

  • msunshine623

    i’m majoring in business administration, and i’m goin to minor in something………just don’t kno what yet! haha, how bout you?
    the t-giving party is at hoffy’s that sat. after t-giving at 1 o clock.  they r making lots of food, so they r chargin everyone about 5 bucks 2 come.  dan can come too if he wants, or if hes around.  anyway, you better come!
    ya, the workload is a lot, but im handling it ok.  i’m struggling in my accounting class, but i’ll be fine.  how about urself?

  • Shiki_Nea

    just wanted to say thanks for taking my quiz!! and also…we do need to get together over christmas break!! because i dont know when the last time i saw you was….and the pics you have on your site…are cute…but they arent as good as the real jen!! lol…i love you and i miss you soo much…and i hope school is going well for you! talk to ya later :)

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