2004/ 11-03b

and so the crazy times revolve once again…

last night was good.  cried more than i have my entire time here so far.  (but i wasn’t balling!  the tears just wouldn’t stop flowing.)  didn’t want to leave my room.  the girls made me.  sort of.  not really… but whatever it was, it worked.  walked through the chill of the night to… THE HILL.  (scary music).  ok, wasn’t that bad… said hi to darryl, and jack, and dan… and of course we all chilled in justin and joel’s room for a good while.  and audree played with my hair.  i enjoyed that.

then we were off… my band of girls, and i… off to meet josh at the hive.  it was acoustic fire once again… only this time it was just Gabe.  “Gabe the Babe”… amazing voice and talent from God.  got to chill there w/ my bud israel… we had some nice conversation.  i disappeared once to check my email, see if my boy was perchance online and watching the election… but sadly he was not.  and checked the polls… before heading next door to the hive once again.  once Gabe the Babe was finished i got to hang out with some mighty cool people.  i thought that it was just miss julie martz that came up w/ “gabe the babe”… but no.  gabe says he was called that since he was little… apparently he looked like the pig.  i just laughed.  now, it is much too difficult to describe the next 15 minutes in words… but i would dare to say that it was one of the best evenings i have had here on campus.  many people that i did not know were just standing around and talking… i was talking to several in particular.  jeremy threw a napkin at me, once again.  israel and i got to discussing something… and next thing i know, iz was dipping me backwards.  (the dance move, you know?)  ha.  definitely never tried that before.  but i must say… i think i did much better than julie.  or… jeremy for that matter.  he didn’t bend too well.  i would’ve loved to stay much longer for quality time with those people…

but julie had a paper to write.  so she hurried us out into the frigid air once again.  and i was in a better mood.  did not feel like crying anymore.  so i stepped up onto the metal seat and came back down with a song on my lips.  and once again… i stepped onto a larger, metal bench, to do the same as before… only… that one was much more wet from the day’s rain.  !  that was scary.  praise God i landed back on my legs… but i had to sit down right away for i was unable to walk from laughing so hard.  *giggle*  then we ran back to our room… it sure was cold last night.

today is wonderful. 
the air is frigid once again.  and the wind quite harsh.  i don’t think i’ve bundled up this much yet since i’ve been here.  oh, and to think… it’s only going to get worse.  it bites. (literally…   the wind bites.)

well… i feel gorgeous today.  it’s just one of those days… i feel it inside, and i feel like i look it.  makes a good combination.  oh, and i like the frigid air, too.


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