2004/ 11-05

wow.  spontaneous and random are the words of the night.
“re-met” nate tonight… had a good conversation w/ him when i first met him in julie’s room.  and then talked again tonight.  somehow we ended up talking about movies right after dinner… and randomly decide to go to his house.  then… at my car we decide we’re going to reuben and adam’s house instead… so wow.  so much fun.  nate is one of the coolest guys on campus.  surely.  anyway, the “funness” of the night included… poker.  i watched.  slowly learned, between the teachings of both nate and rach (my adorable roomie).  and of course gave dan k. a hard time… how could i be in the same room and not?!  lol.  oh, and we watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  wow.  that was a thinker.  i liked it.  quite good.  oh, and it felt wonderful to drive for a little.  i always love getting into my car.

*sigh*  now back to the work.
but casual day tomorrow… excites me.
yay for the weekend.

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