2004/ 11-08

i love sundays… can’t get enough of them.  had a good afternoon with some of the best people i know.  the day was absolutely gorgeous, but definitely cooled off.  watched a pretty sunset w/ iz.  and saw many planes.  (iz, that one was NOT a ufo.  it was just a shiny plane w/o clouds behind it.  i promise.)  and then sunday night dinner… those are my favorite.  we always have a good time, no matter what!  haha… too much to tell.  but we’ve decided that we’re probably the biggest losers on campus.  but you know what?  as i said to audree… i’d rather be a loser with lots of amazing friends, than trying to be someone cool that has no fun!!!!

also saw the Northern Lights last night.  gorgeous green.  and some pinks.  wow.  God blows my mind.  it was so incredible.

oh, and i have a running invitation now to football and dinner with nate at his house on sundays.  goodness, i miss football.  and that would be wonderful.  it’s a very tempting offer, and i will have to take him up on it.  (oh, and what’s up with the Eagles LOSING to the Steelers?!  that’s junk.  nate…. the Steelers are junk.)

i get to see my daddy today.  that should be fun.  we’ll go out and chill.  movie, perhaps.  and good food, of course.  wonderful.

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2 responses to “2004/ 11-08

  • Anonymous

    haha….after our lunch talks i’m not sure i could ever be innocent or ignorant at that!! lol
    we def need to get together over thanksgiving!!  its not far away!!

  • Anonymous

    i have to say that the steelers are awesome!!!! and they won so guess what its true just relize that and the world will be better

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