2004/ 11-10

i’m runnin’ on 3 hrs. of sleep at the moment, and i’m absolutely beat.
i’m getting good at getting my work done, though.  had my emedia paper turned in by 9am, and my annotated bibliography prepared for comp.  talked to that prof about what i want to narrow my next paper down to.  and then got my previous paper back… received a 96% on that paper.  i was impressed with myself, was not expecting that.  yay for me.

i really want to take a nap, but it will have to be after 4pm.  then i’ll be out until dinner time…

i can’t believe how gorgeous today is.  took me by surprise.

um, somehow i’m being drawn in to mark hershey’s “no shave november” ordeal.  not so sure i will go along with it… but josh seems to think that i need to, b/c he did what i told him and called lauren and hung up on her several times.  but hey, that was for his own good… he needed a conversation starter!  i don’t think i laughed so hard because of IM-ing people in my life.  those guys truly made my night.

well… so did rachel in the middle of the night.  after i sneezed.  and she said “bless you”…  and i looked at her and asked if she was awake.  she said “oh, i guess so… what time is it?”  hahaha.  i told her it was almost four.  and i think she just rolled over and went back to bed.  but it sure made me laugh again today.

today will be a good day despite my inability to think or comprehend things.
acoustic fire again tonight… those make for good nights.

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3 responses to “2004/ 11-10

  • Shiki_Nea

    jen!! how i miss you…?!? are you gonna be coming home for thanksgiving…? or maybe christmas break we could do something…!! cuz we have go to get together sometime!! and im not kidding about this!! lol…but i miss our fun times…and the times we used to laugh about!! so many memories!!

  • LoLochicke

    hey!! my name is Lauren. You do not know me but we have a lot in common and i was wondering if we could get to know each other a little bit better!! Post me a comment!!xoxo Lauren xoxo

  • Anonymous

    its because half the time when i click to go to your site from mine, internet explorer stops reponding.  Our sites don’t coincide too well. 

    Oh, im listening to christmas music as well. 

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