2004/ 11-15

things that made me laugh hard today… this wonderful sunday afternoon…

–  um, chillin’ in the “unibed”… and tricia and matt killing each other.  and several other phrases that were thrown around in that room.  pretty sure that justin and matt said some things my little ears did not want to hear.

–  the random guys that sped past me on their bikes… and scared the pee out of me!  and then justin picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder!!!  oh my word, i don’t even know why i was laughing, but that was one of my hardest laughs ever… i couldn’t move!

–  dinner, and all the many half-eaten pieces of pizza that i collected from i don’t know where.  pretty sure it came from the guys.  and had the privilege of eating with both the freshman class president and the junior class president… together!  ah hahaha… i made stephen put his jello in his soda… ‘cuz the colors matched.  did you know that jello leaves a filmy residue on the sides of styrofoam cups?!  and as iz so wonderfully put it… “and to think… that’s what it does to the inside of your stomach!”

–  spending the evening in the lawlor units… delightfully enjoying the company of josh & lauren, what a wonderful amish couple.  haha, couldn’t get up off that floor either.  um, lots more went on there, also, but that probably made me laugh the most.

–  ah haha… walked out of one of the lawlor rooms, only to find iz walking directly towards me, quite awkwardly (i think his feet were numb)… so i walked right towards him… i think i was expecting to play chicken?… but no!  to my surprise, i found myself bent over backwards!!!!  and laughing harder that ever… and i think my back cracked.  but it freaked me out and gave me a good laugh… so apparently i’m a good person to dip.  i’ll take that.

um… still extremely hyper.  and joy just choked on some peach rings while recording their answering machine message.  could this day get any better?!  um, yeah, it could’ve if daniel was around…   but until that dream comes true…  God sure knows how to give me a good day of laughs!

:edit: the last time i vividly remember laughing this hard, was FPS (science class) in 9th grade… w/ niki and elana… and the tadpoles!  i just realized that today…

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One response to “2004/ 11-15

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, I miss you! Those were great times in FPS…laughing so hard, you cry. So much fun. Laughing is the best! I’ll never forget flushing all of those tadpoles down the toilet. Shake a frog leg We definitely need to get together over Thanksgiving or Christmas. It seems like things are going well for you at Cedarville. I’m praying for you

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