2004/ 11-27

must say i’m a fan of parties!…
graced hoff’s w/ my presence today… i definitely miss all my ephrata people, so it was good to catch up with them.  had some great conversations, and wonderful hugs.  definitely got the low down on who’s with who and who’s not with who… who’s had babies, and who hates college… who’s transferring and who’s going overseas… there was a lot to catch up on.  oh, and of course there was some great food.

and… now i shall be off to visit a friend, with several other friends…
before the enjoyment of my evening… at shel’s… where it will be most crazy, i’m sure.  yay!!!    wow.  ok, i do hope a lot of people show up there.  this had better be worth it…

oh, and the camera visited the parties with me as well… so those pictures shall be up when i have time to worry about it.  so don’t worry… you’ll see my pretty face   (i’m just kidding, i’m just kidding…)


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3 responses to “2004/ 11-27

  • Anonymous

    aww all this party talk is making me sad….i miss you guys! i wish i could be there partyin it up with you….someday….yeah and those better be some good pics and there need to be some dedicated to me
    miss and love you!

  • shelbell22

    it had better be worth it??????????????? *GASP*…. i’m crushed. well, i think it was worth it. you got a nice back rub by none other than myself, free food, good movie, nice catch up time with some greatly missed and crazy friends (some who are too smart for their own good…), the ability to stay about past 12 or 1, and a free drum serenade!! most of all i was there, which in the end made it ALL worth it ;-D  love yoooooooou

  • Anonymous

    i don’t think i’ll be going up to lancaster during the break.  I’m sorry to say probably not.  but you’ll get to see wolgs, thats nice i’m sure.

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