2004/ 12-02

hey so… i got a lot of comments in my last post.  and that makes me happy.  feel free to keep ’em comin’.

i feel i have nothing to say… so i will say something.
or not.

i decorated for christmas tonight.  some.  this is a progressive thing.  green and red lights up tonight.  cute cute… we’ll look adorable for open dorm sunday… you must stop by and visit.  you simply must.

i’m so ready for this weekend.  this week just needs to end… as does the semester.  i start work tomorrow night… makin’ the coffee.  fun fun.  goodness, i’m so busy it’s ridiculous.  wait, no i’m not… i’m going to be.  sunday’s going to be a crazy one.  what, with… church, lunch, talent show tryout w/ iz, open dorm, nate‘s house for football… and, i don’t know what else.  and then a week of junk before finals.  i just want it to all be over… now!  17 days, boy

: edit :
  wow, everybody’s leaving comments about your cat.  and snow.
me:  that’s because i’m popular.  and i just know the right thing to say.  everyone loves cats.  and snow.  you just don’t know the right things to say, rachel.
rachel:  i’m not loved… !
me:  that’s because you don’t have a cat.  or snow.
*rachel’s rolling on the floor laughing…*
: end edit :

“Pastor Dan, the Holy Goalie just checked so-and-so…”


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15 responses to “2004/ 12-02

  • Anonymous

    ok..now put it back

  • OnMyKnEeSb4hiM

    hahaha!“is my boogie green?!””yes, actually.  prada green.  not their best line.  now put it back.””ok.”

  • Anonymous

    Hey, you’re wearing my shirt in that picture with the cat.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jen!
    woah…good to hear from you!  So you’re at Cedarville now?  How do you like it?  I have a cousin who went there for college and she loved it.  I’m in nyc now so if you’re ever in the big apple hit me up…it’d be great to catch up.  Best of luck with the rest of the semester and finals.  Tell Ohio I say hello!

  • Anonymous

    I want this week to be over too..but the work that comes with it needs to be done as well…i think i’m going to die

  • Anonymous

    snow? you guys have snow i’m guessing?!! We have nothing some rain and gusty winds over this way!! I love song…can’t wait for christmas!

  • Anonymous

    jennifer…hows that dating service comin along?? alright well, new years…as much of an anti-planning, last minute type of person that i am…i think we should probably plan somethin out so like, it doesn’t end up that it doesn’t work out. Even though, regardless it’ll be a party cause i’m there…for real…but yeah let me know any ideas of where we could have this “HUGE par-tay”…i would say my house, but well, you know the story…

  • msunshine623

    i wish it would snow too
    nice cat

  • TheBestPageInTheUniverse

    sooooo yea i kinda want it to snow, but then again i dont…can it wait til i get home from schoool? And yes your cat IS adorable…but not as adorable as…..(input smiley)

  • ColoradoGurl

    so, I really want to see this picture.  I tend to make funny faces in pictures, so its interesting to compare them all. :)  how’s it going back at college?  I had so much fun at Shelly’s!  Can’t wait til you guys come home again! :)

  • livinforChrist247

    hey Jen!! I love that movie!! (raising Hellen…) Now whip it!!! lol…it was so much fun seeing you again!! we all missed you soo much! can’t wait till Christmas…I hope it snows…it would be cool if all us girls went sledding together or something….see you  in a couple weeks!

  • GodsCreation4290

    Hey Jen, how is everything going back at college. It was so good seeing you again and I can’t wait til I see you again. I really wish that it would snow. I am soo ready for snow. I hope that you have a great rest of the week and good luck with the finals and work and everything else that is going on. You deserve the best girl. I’ll talk to ya later. LUV YA! Byes!

  • Anonymous

    dude you have a lot of comments! so why aren’t you ever on im?  oh yeah and i love how we got together over thanksgiving!! haha i thought about it sat night but it was kinda to late then… oh well def have to over christmas

  • Anonymous

    o nooo.  i am having fun.  i mean school is school… buuut senior year is neat.  get more respect from teachers annnnd ephrata AM is sooo fun.  plus i’m w/ your awesome sister and we’re always hyper haha.  so that makes it even better. 

  • Falling_Stars06

    no im not ready for snow!!!gettting some delays would be nice though… ok let it snow.

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