2004/ 12-03

just got back from work… makin’ the coffee and the smoothies at Vecino’s… couldn’t complain.  i enjoy it, and i get money.  and i get to talk to people.  i like people.  and i like talking.  so it fits.  but of course, my first shift ever is the closing shift… at least i know how to clean.

before work, i stopped in at the Hive for Acoustic Fire… i don’t think i have ever seen so many people crammed in to the Hive… ever.  that was crazy.  you could barely move!  but it was an awesome atmosphere.

side note.  my hands smell like bleach.

this week has been pretty crazy for me so far.  started work tonight… still have papers that i have to work on…  work again tomorrow night…  WAY too much stuff going on saturday.  but… overall it will be a fun day.  i will explain more later… but do know… that i’m oh-so-excited and ready and willing to be social.  ahh… social butterflies.

side note.  thanks to beth… i’m starting a dating service.  well, at least we think i should.
this was us talking about flirty boys who like to make out…

Hallsie316: well…as long as he’s good at it…
jlynne203: sorry… i can’t test the products for you.

ok… i’m like, the worst procrastinator in the world.
but feel free to leave me comments anyway…


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