2004/ 12-04

yay for today!!!  i just can’t wait!  it’s going to be a good one…
it’s christmas on campus…

: edit :
   so… work today consisted of…
   me running out to an audition halfway through my work shift
   slamming my finger in the cash register
   and making myself a smoothie, only to get brainfreeze as i finished it off
   oh… the joys.
: end edit :

: edit :
   well, it was just one of those nights…
   i felt like i saw no one… but i must say,  that julie martz “lights up” my world! 
: end edit :


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3 responses to “2004/ 12-04

  • Anonymous

    ah i agree w/ your header.  snow would be wonderful right now… it certainly has been getting cold enough.  have a good weekend

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jen~
    I’m glad to hear that you’re really happy at Cedarville…it’s seems like a cool place.  Yeah, I’m in the same sit. as far as stressin about the close of the semester.  So what do you hope to do with electronic media?  It sounds interesting…  I’m at NYU and studying Romance Languages and Metropolitan Studies.  I’m here to master Spanish and French as well as picking up Italian…I hope to someday work for either the US Dept of State, UN or doing something in international immigration law.  It sounds like a lot…but I’m having a lot of fun and am really enjoying it (as dorky as I am).  Best of luck….perhaps I’ll bump into in lanclanc.  best wishes!

  • almostfamous26

    thanks!! i modeled for a fashion designer and that’s where the picture came from…your picture is really cute too!!!

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