2006/ 02-21

everything seemed just a little off-balance.  i’ve felt these symptoms before.  usually from lack of sleep and going without energy inside me.
only, problem… i’m not lacking sleep.  ?
but this was slightly different anyway.  it was like… well, like i was tilted.  off-balance.
i figured it would go away.
i took a shower… hoping it would wash it all away.
for some reason all i could think of was “dizzy up the girl”.  go figure.
well, i haven’t passed out yet.  always a good sign.
i decided to try to dry my hair… but this could only be accomplished sitting down.  no huge deal.
but once that was done… everything started spinning.
i laid flat on my back… the ceiling was circling overhead.
alissa stopped by… she was off to lunch.  i told her to go on without me. 
i could tell she wanted to chuckle, but provided a hearty “hope you feel better”.  she is sweet like that.
i flipped over to my stomach.  that did nothing.  everything was still spinning.
after a few moments i managed to reach over and open the fridge, pulling out my last apple.
i proceeded to crawl towards the couch and pull myself up.  that took a lot out of me, i’ll be honest.
i made myself comfy on the couch and slowly chewed on my gala apple.  my favorite.
after half the apple, i decided to pick up my phone and dial mom’s number at work.  she always knows what to do.
she says i’m built like her.  she gets this way sometimes.  she suggested crackers and water.
it’s a good thing i have crackers and water.
by now some of the spinning started to disappear… i tried standing up for a bit, but that just brought back more of the dizziness.
my sister now calls me (affectionately) “sister dizzy”.  when i claimed to be a dizzy sister, she corrected me.  i guess it’s sister dizzy.
my ears were ringing for a few seconds.  it stopped.  this was shelly’s explanation:
      skhaldy22: well… it’s that water that sloshes around in that one tube that makes you dizzy      (um, thanks??)
and now i sit here feeling a bit shakey as well.  what an odd day.  and no, it’s not a dream.
so i am off…. to eat some crackers, drink some water… and take a nap.  or at least just lay there.
the spinning must stop.

currently feeling:  dizzy.  overly dizzy.  if you find me laying on the sidewalk… i probably need help up.


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7 responses to “2006/ 02-21

  • nelli_marie

    the cure for low blood sugar. eat lots of candy. fixes everything. i love you sister dizzy!

  • shelbell22

    low blood sugar… causes diabetics to act like they’re mentally unstable. like the time when i was 10 in the mall with my mom, her blood sugar got reeeeally low, and she danced around like a ballerina in front of everyone… I couldn’t control her, and she very strongly refused to let me call my dad…. cause for some reason i had never been instructed on how to handle her if this happened! (DUMB idea). Well she was eating her candy, but it wasn’t helping fast enough…. it was really scary, i have to admit. It took a lot for me to keep her in the mall and not to let her drive anywhere. That would have been deadly for sure!!!!!!! yikes. Thank God we’re all ok.
    haha… anyway… i think it has something to do with your inner ear. everything you said up there sounds just like it. and the fact that you ate an apple and it didn’t help… means its probably not your blood sugar. Cause that would give my mom a high. fruit has tons of sugar.
    — The Advice of Nurse Shelly 
    P.S. Don’t lean completely on my advice until I START nursing clinicals and then graduate. lol. If it doesn’t get better… go to the doc. my advice. cause at least from what you said…. you’re more dizzy than a normal dizzy.

  • skaterpunk64

    forget that comment “how can you float  like a cannon ball”

  • skaterpunk64

    but that is so depressing then i can float like a cannon ball if we were both on the ground

  • seelye

    I think you need a Cafe Vecinos Mocha, extra shot, light flavor.

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