2006/ 03-03

tomorrow i fly to california… by myself 
but i’m soooo excited to hang out with b.hall for a whole week. 

tonight i’m chillin’ w/ jac-a-lac.  how exciting! 
who knows what we’re doing yet… but i can promise there will be lots of pictures. 

oh, and…
this new cd has made my day so far.

you live inside a dream : where everything tastes so sweet : as long as it agrees with how you feel : 
and you’re dancing in your sleep : ’til all the eyes that look at me : awaken your anxieties :
and you say all the things that you never meant to say : and try to break me :
but in the end : what leaves you broken : in the end : makes you better . . .

( to be honest… somedays i hate what we’ve become. )

:: edit :: 1:55 am ::
    p.s. – i have the COOLEST best friend in the world… and i love when we talk on the phone for over two hours. 
    (and promise to punch stupid people in the face for each other.)
:: end edit ::


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